Crochet Shorts For Men Are Now A Thing And They Come With Tassels

Crochet Shorts For Men Are Now A Thing And They Come With Tassels

They are made from recycled vintage afghans blankets, and retail at 74.50

It's time to cast away your cotton and linen shorts. How about you invest in a pair of unisex crocheted shorts that not only looks good on you but is also good for the environment? These don't just look hip and bohemian and are made from recycled vintage afghans blankets. You get these at Etsy for $74.50. Offered by seller Lordvon Schmitt, the shorts come in all kinds of colors and can also be customized to your liking.  The product description on the website notes that they can be used for all kinds of occasions and not just at home as casuals. Be it "running, walking, dancing you know you will rock any event or situation with these. These are also great for festivals, after the slopes, or for morning yoga in the winter."  



If you want to own a pair, LordvonSchmitt asks you to include your "waist size, inseam, and any ideas you have about color or pattern" when you place your order, and the seller will do the rest. Therefore, every pair of crocheted shorts that are customized is one-of-a-kind. "I will do my best to match up what you are looking for with what I have in stock," Schmitt stated. That's not all, if you're feeling nostalgic about a particular crochet outfit that you own, you can still have them as a pair of shorts. All you have to do is send them across, and Schmitt will do it for you. "You are also welcome to send us a crochet from your collection and I will upcycle it into shorts!!" the seller added.  



The seller notes the shorts are "stretchy and comfortable, warm yet breathable" and also "eye-catching and vivid." Yet Schmitt cautions since these are not your usual fabrics, one has to take utmost care when washing or handling the clothing. Once ordered, the seller will take anywhere between 6 to 8 weeks to be delivered. Customers who purchased these crocheted shorts were positively pleased with it. Lauren gave a 5 star to the product and wrote: OH. MY. GOODNESS. If you are on the fence about buying these shorts, go for it. Seriously the best purchase I have made for my husband in FOREVER. He was SO excited. They fit perfectly and look great.



Another satisfied customer, Julie, who also gave the product a 5 star wrote: We love our new "Crorts"! (crocheted-shorts) I bought a pair for my boyfriend for his birthday and just had to have a pair myself. Deedee did wonderful quality work! Great job on the sizing. Beautiful design & colors! They are surprisingly comfortable. Not itchy. A third, Celeste Lindemann, added: Fun bohemian style shorts perfect for lounging or sleepwear. I'd also absolutely wear them in public in select locales nearby! Quality crochet patterns that reminds me of my husband and my grandmother's work of many years past. Great customer service interaction, eager to customize and fast shipping. I will order again. Thank you!

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